Colorblind is…

Saying you’re colorblind is to ignore an obvious characteristic of a person for the sake of social inclusion. The colorblind approach is to purposely choose ignorance as a remedy for biases.


My complexion is an significant aspect of me so to act as if you don’t see it is to say that my color is an impediment to you acknowledging my worth. Your melanin or lack thereof is a seemingly superficial part of you as a person, but to take an “colorblind” approach is to magnify it as an obstacle instead of embracing our unique qualities as part of the Most High’s beautiful creation.

I will tell my princess that she is a beautiful cocoa buttered gift from Ahayah, and the unique texture of her hair is wonderfully and perfectly made. I Will never teach her that she has to be blind to the color of someone’s skin to be fair,but to choose those who have character and integrity regardless of color.


To say your colorblind instead of celebrating the unique quality of people’s appearances teaches us that we should suppress a part of who we are instead of celebrating it.

We are different and we must learn to accept those differences instead of choosing to ignore them.

I am not and will never choose ignorance as an approach to social acceptance I love my color and my hair it’s OK for you to acknowledge that you see it, because we were never meant to be the same.


Love yourself.

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