There is a lot of professing of being awake lately!

I have found no shortage of those who want to define this awakening as everything from “a great falling away” to “the delusional” by those on the outside looking in. 

In fact I have found that to critically think and question the mainstream ideology requires  a courage that will offend most, because most don’t possess that courage.

Being AWARE isn’t in contrast of the truth, because the truth is a light that makes us all aware.

It was the moment that I realized I was lost without the Messiah that I became aware of my eternal need of redemption and requirement of repentance! 


My wife and I watched the movie “The Birth of a Nation” by Nate Parker and we were greatly inspired and encouraged by our hero Nat Turner and his courage to give his life for the liberation of his and my people. There was a line in the movie where Nat Turner’s character says,” I now read this bible with NEW EYES” it is with new eyes that we become aware of the truth and gain the power to inspire others or AWAKEN others to the truth of who they are. 


There are those who denounce Nat Turner as a lunatic and reject him as a hero, and definitely disagree that he understood the bible or was lead by the holy spirit to free his people. The rejection and demonizing of Black liberation is common in our society. Let me inform you that this line of reasoning is deeply embedded into the conscience, and black subjection is reinforced by this country’s christian society. 


Remember it was illegal for Blacks to even worship with whites in the same churches or sit on the front of a bus or drink from the same water fountain, and those Blacks who fought against this degradation and pushed to live in a more dignified way as citizens were vilified by mainstream society. I would define those Blacks who grew uncomfortable in this inferior state as becoming AWARE of their worth and awaken to their purpose and were inspired to change the status quo for their sons and daughters, they were now awaken to destiny and their power!


Nat Turner became aware that the bible was not in support of the treatment of his people and the Most High detailed the acts of his oppressors as evil, and was called to act. His actions was not out of rage or revenge, but Nat Turner felt as one who is called to liberate his people from the evil grips of slavery even give his life as a martyr so in death his act of faith and bravery would resonate and echo in the hearts of all who would hear of his liberation efforts.

Yet, we celebrate the American revolution…why?


Patrick Henry inspired his countrymen to fight…he even made it known that being under someone else’s rule is worse than death, but somehow we don’t extend this level of honor to Nat Turner. Nat Turner among others have inspired 100’s of uprisings, yes 100’s of rebellions that have been suppressed from our history books.


“Americans would remember the revolts led by Nat Turner and the white abolitionist John Brown, but not the larger, more successful rebellion led by John Horse and the Black Seminoles. Somehow, only the smaller, failed uprisings entered the national consciousness. Even today, the vast majority of American scholars, black and white, unconsciously follow the nod of a southern-dominated tradition when they discuss slave rebellions, overlooking the uprising inspired by the Black Seminoles, though it was the largest in U.S. history.” – Boston Athenaeum.


When I say awakened or aware I am speaking as ones who see themselves as more than what popular culture propagates and have “new eyes” when viewing history and their identity. 

I am AWARE of the truth and this is what makes me AWAKE!

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