Vibe ~ poem

Me and America ain’t vibing

black bombings

my people overcame evil

after evil

after evil

yesterday we accomplished the impossible

today we face that very same obstacle

tomorrow most likely will be a sequel

i’m tired of just surviving


you start revolutions over taxes

and we seek restitution and feel like shooting over the numerous black caskets

but you tell us to keep our protest peaceful

well, that’s exactly what we’re going to do

young tubman

our war aint never been carnal

so we send prayer sergeants into the battle

plus, us being Hebrew we never marched in Egypt to appeal to the conscience of the pharaoh

our harsh poverty wont be lifted with policy, but the fulfillment of prophecy

so we ignore the nonsense that they babel

remember in Babylon those Hebrew boys refused to sit down so they would stand up


now in this New Babylon we perform sit-ins trying to fit in

rebuke our leaders, because they would tell us to man up

now we are converts into a false religion

to be accepted into a system

not knowing this American plan sucks


king david

so they send us leaders who are pretenders

political theatre pushing Luciferian masonic agendas 

they change the appearance of our biblical figures

they use psychological warfare with images, but our Creator lives through His scrolls

HIS spirit comes alive in each lycik when you hear it – like videos to the soul

web Dubois

truth consumes lies

our youth get laid in tombs

so I refuse to tune into this country’s frequency

because frequently they collide with our intentions to thrive

 being free to me is much more than just being alive

its the ability to decide your fate with great dignity

black wealth

the source of their VIBE is to divide

they don’t want us to devise a plan to unify as a man

to acknowledge the Most High

obtain knowledge and grow wise

and rise as a people who see ignorance as evil


keep that darkness beneath you

and become free from their lies

me and America don’t vibe.

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