Are you doing your best?

It occurred to me that one cannot do their absolute best if they are not totally engulfed in that area of discipline. You cannot truthfully do your very best if you are not obsessed with that thing.

truth statement

If we look at what the Messiah required of his disciples it was that they “leave everything” and follow Him He in essence required that they “die to themselves” to become Discipline Students in order to establish and enter the Kingdom of the Most High. Yeshua wanted absolute obsession with the Kingdom and He settled for nothing less.


To be great at anything is to be obsessed with it.

Even people of exceptional talent will never reach greatness if they are casual about their pursuit of excellence. 

This is why motivational speakers are so sought after; they fan your flame in hopes that your passion will catch fire. Inspirational speakers are instigating you to become obsessed with reaching the object of your calling and therefore making you uncomfortable about your complacency. They are motivating you to accept that the tough journey towards your dreams is the adventure that only a obsessed individual will endure.


Doing your best looks crazy to those around you because most people are just settled somewhere in mediocrity so to witness an individual actually “Doing their absolute Best” is a rare and unusual thing to observe.

When you have a dream or something you feel called to do or even something that you just want to do and you witness someone “obsessed’ with doing something it makes you realize how inadequate your attempts are.


When you see what a person on fire looks like you are forced to take inventory of your lack of passion and desire to really accomplish what is burdening your soul. 

When I saw someone obsessed with accomplishing their dream it magnified the fact that I was NOT DOING MY ABSOLUTE BEST. 

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