we are afraid of who we were

When learning and than operating in what is learned becomes something that is feared than you realize the power of history. The power of who you -were- is so potent that self preservation will convince you that “it doesn’t matter”, because you know the great length that those in power went through to -control- YOUR history. You fear the dangerous POWER of operating in the truth of -your- HISTORY.




If you take a peoples: 1.Language 2. Culture 3. Values 4. Interest 5. Principals and replace them with “your” language, culture, values, interests, and principals these people will always come to a conclusion that best suits their oppressor. Now that we as “Black” (a label given to us by a people who imposed their paradigm on us) people are motivated to operate in our INDIGENOUS language, culture, values, interest, and principals as Israelites there is PUSH back from those still operating with a paradigm imposed on them or the dominant society is threatened by the powerful implications of a people taking back their history.




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