The answer to racism is NOT diversity

What we know about race in an American sense is not how race is known biblically.


It stands to reason that in order to properly address and combat the satanic principality of racism we must first understand what “race” is. Race as we understand it in post colonised countries is from an Anglo Saxon and Darwin based paradigm.


The Origin of Species -OR- the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life.

Race as was taught and accepted in the academic world was from the perspective of evolution thus the darker races were less evolved than the lighter races. The most respected and accredited scientists wrote and taught that the Negro was less intelligent and closer related to the beast of the field than to the human and therefore inferior to the caucasian man. This is the premise in which the imperialist powers approached RACE no doubt to justify the barbaric treatment of non Caucasian people groups for the benefit of colonialism and slavery.


Racism is the act of keeping the power in the dominant society or it is the “preservation of the favored races in the struggle of life.”

all lives

Racism is the foundational principle of this country embedded into its anthems and the intent of its founders, constitution, and universities, economics institutions, religious institutions and leadership.

The White/ Black dynamic is not a denotation of race as much as it is a description of social standing.

You can be white but operate as an Frenchman, Britain, Dutch, or European as these Nations consist of Imperial powers and represent the controlling powers.

While Black is a representation of a lower class having no access to power and no real working knowledge of their specific Nation.

econimic empowerment

In America we understand race as a color therefore enforcing ignorance only to further solidify the inferior/superior dynamic, because for Blacks to operate in knowledge as a Nation they are engaging in a empowering act and this collides with American ideals.


Diversity is often propagated as the solution to racism; this is no more a solution to undoing the evils of racism as placing a Black president in the white house is.

The solution to racism is to facilitate the empowerment of the disenfranchised race.

Diversity is the appearance of outgrowing the mentality of inferior/ superior or the Black/ White construct, but POWER is the real tangible indication that racism is defeated.

When those in power elect to support or at least dont hinder the empowering of the so called Black people as we establish ourselves as a nation than you will witness the decline of racist thinking.

web Dubois

Did we defeat Nazisim by making the European Jewish ghettos more “diverse” or by freeing them from the oppressive grips of Hitler supplying them with there own landmass to function as a world power?

Do you reverse the genocide and disenfranchisement of the Native American by making them employees of railroads on the land stolen from them or putting them in your church pews to diversify your congregation or by stop killing them and giving them their land back?

ida b

To stop Racism the dominant society has to support the empowerment of non Caucasians, and until the dominant power can release its control of power racism will continue to exist.

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