so simple its profound ~ spoke word


So simple its profound

darkness and light

ignorance and knowledge

those who are in the dark can write, but what they are spitting is garbage

those of us who are in the light

our speech pays homage to the Kingdom of God

royal priest who acknowledge

that the KING is Christ

He ignites our anointing to break boundage

this poem is the knowledge of life

it regenerate and then penetrates your boundaries to get to where your heart is

the enemy is directing a play its called Broadway

the cast gets cast in the lake

I show you the path and you laugh and say that i’m fake

or i’m after your cash you view us in the faith as targets

you grow up in the gutta you had to fight

Im your brother we are 


you had to suffer it wasn’t right

those who have chose their calling

and rose above evil

those are Gods people

Hebrews I know… its like we had it the hardest….



You was raised in a trap

so you kinda adapt to the cage

you feel brave when your strapped

sell crack to get paid

such self destruction

you ever wonder what got us behaving like that?

turn our Queens into fiends

here kings these are higher values will you hold it?

our moral codes have corroded

the media presents predictive programing

and there’s no fathers in our homes to decode it

its not your fault

it happens a few generations back

CIA gave us crack and we sold it…

so simple

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