Kingdom in greek is: basileia which means: Authority, Sovereignty, Rule

Kingdom in Hebrew is: Government, Royalty 

To establish the Kingdom is to solidify God’s rulership to establish the Kingdom is to make the Most High the authority of our lives!

The Kingdom of God is eternal, so it can not be seen with physical eyes.

The Most High set His throne in the eternal hearts of men (spirit) and does not exist in cathedrals or material things.

When you entered into the Kingdom of God you entered through your submission  to Yeshua – God our Salvation you did not enter into a physical place, but rather you were reborn into a eternal Government that is operated according to the truths of God’s word not this worlds.

The truth of Gods word,”But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” Matthew 15:24 If you are now a Kingdom citizen the word of God is now your authority and in submitting to your authority you must understand rulership.

American so – called democracy does not understand authority so it is very, very difficult for a American citizen to submit under “a Holy rulership”.

We want everything to be the same the American Christian doesn’t want anyone overthem in the Kingdom even if it is according to our authority – the WORD.

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