The power of Identity

I believe with proper identity we side step many of the snares of the enemy.


Removing the ambiguity of our collective identity creates a continuity that alligns us as a people that can facilitate autonomy. When ignorance is replaced with knowledge we gain a footing to build plans based off of vision. With proper identity we submit to wisdom and nurture purpose. Identity cultivates prosperity and reveals our inadequacies.

What is the motive of those in power to oppose the disenfranchised outgrowing the social construct created to oppresse them? The uncertain, weak, inconsistant voice of ambiguity is the snare that entrapes its victims in confusion and unfullfilled purpose. While the sure, strong, consistant voice of Identity is the launch pad for wholeness and fullfillment.

There is power that comes with operating with knowledge, and it is that knowledge that is withheld from the disenfranchised.


Lack and poverity often filles the void of proper identity.

I believe identity is central to fullfilling our role as kingdom citizens, or Called out ones, or men and women, royality, or followers of the Way. To establish the kingdom of the Most High is to fortify HIS rulership in you and your community. As a kingdom citizen you confront inferior and adversive mindsets that oppose the good news. A kingdom mentality and a slave mentality cannot operate in the same individual.

To faciliate the growth of the oppressed people groups undoing the identities forged through colonialism and imperialisim is being an agent for healing and restoration. When self determination is restored to these people groups they are empowered with the ability to Identify themselves removing the ambiguity of identities adopted through the dominat society.


To remove false identities and inferior mindsets from our people actually encourages a kingdom mindset in which the rulership of the Most High can thrive.

Removing ignorant mentalities and oppressive social constructs established by colonialism is most definitely not in opposition to the good news.

In fact any identity established with the intention of subjugation or to facilitate inferior mentalities is a adversary to our calling.

But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous 1 Peter 2:9


When the wicked principality of Racism is put under a microscope we can observe that it is based in fear.ignorance

The fear of a few who propagate that fear to the ignorant masses wich produces hate, and when knowledge and accurate information with wisdom and revelation is given the wicked principality of racism suppresses that truth with ignorance like: ” it doesn’t matter” or ” that’s carnal” or ” how does that give salvation”.

The principality of racism requires ignorance to thrive.

We have outgrown the social constructs created by white supremacy and choose to operate as a people with continuity to our indigenous culture producing autonomy.

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