The last WORD

I didn’t put more on you than you can bare
If I gave it to you than I made you strong enough to: Carry It

Delete those who aren’t brave enough to embrace their freedom
You don’t need them
This is what truth exposes
I dictated the course of Mosses: Harriet

The sweet taste of honey from the promise land is so real
The land of bondage on your heels: Chariots

I gave you faith to be your courage, because my path is the: Scariest

Don’t get upset with the process

My pronouns pronounced prophecies
I sanctified your temple as my property
I put anointed speech in the priest to teach you how to worship ME properly

I put the breath into the prophets

I ordered your steps

Even your stress is part of the progress.




I implanted eternity in your heart
Like a seed
So that you would return to me
When it’s dark
And believe

I am consistent to accomplish My Word
When you fail
I prevail
When you rebel and are resistant
I excell I AM persistent
The voice in your conscience 
That you heard
Is the enemy
He thinks he conquered, but that’s absurd

You are MINE!

I put My throne in your inner man
I made My home the light
That illuminates your mind

You are safe

Even when you’re not in the center of My will
But at the outskirts of my grace
This is what the adversary hates
Your mistakes become testimonies
About how My Love elevates
As part of My design



You’ll be fine…




I will never depart from you
I formed you from My heart
I belong in the deepest parts of you
My words are sovereign
There is wisdom if you listen
I give insight to your vision
So you will know to look up
In spite of this corrupt system
My doctrine is a elleit arsenal
Enlightenment ammunition
That makes incisions through darkness
That was commissioned by the one
That wants you to believe in his deceit
That his deep art is true
I surround you with my fleet
The enemy has a click
They perform tricks
They full of wrath and lay snares at your feet
In hopes that you trip
They put traps on your path
In hopes that you slip
He push despair and grief
But his reign here is brief
As the prince of this world
Don’t cast your pearls into unclean meat
Meaning: watch who your talking to
Wait division is what their speech establishes
They condescending
They hate that I give a peace that surpasses
All comprehension
Experience is your educator
My wisdom is your elevator
In a world run by degenerates
You are the outcasts
They are generous with advice
That dosent lead to life
So much ignorance and lies heard
Man’s tradition and vain philosophy
Will never outlast MY WORD. – last apostle 11/10/18



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