Do Black Lives Matter to white Christians?

When I say Black Lives Matter it has nothing to do with the organization. Yet the white christian will often sidestep or deviate from the sentiment Black Lives Matter to attack the tenets of the organization.


I hear everything from Marxism, to a new religion in regards to why white Christians combat the sentiment, phrase, and meaning of the statement “Black Lives Matter”.

So called Black people disagree with much of what the organization is pushing as well, yet most of us understand the reason for saying Black Lives Matter and empathize with the injustice of our people. It is often a hard battle to communicate why we say Black Lives Matter to white Christians as if by acknowledging our injustice and the systematic racism that exist they are undoing the fabric of America or/and admitting to our disadvantages is admitting to their privilege. 

You would think it would be a no brainer to a Christian regardless of their nationality when confronted with the sentiment Black Lives Matter. The reply should be, ” of course your life matters lets pray and work towards reconciliation”, however this is often not the response from white Christians.

all lives

The Civil Rights Movement was also called a communist movement by white Christians who seemingly couldn’t comprehend that a push for equality is Christ like also White Christians fought against the ending of slavery stating that its to progressive and would lead to lawlessness and disorder even using the scriptures to justify their racism. Lets be fair by saying some white Christians were allies against slavery and racism.

Is America so embedded in racism and American Christianity so intermingled with white supremacy that the white Christian cannot reject racism and our brutality without denouncing conservatism and patriotism?

This is a spiritual war fueled by propaganda. If you cannot acknowledge that my life matters or understand why I would say Black Lives Matter than you dont perceive my life to be equal with yours and you dont believe me to be your neighbor.

fredrick dougless christ

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