corruption of love


Corruption has eroded the system
The moral code is corroded
Justice has exploded
Cash and fame is the devoted religion
All we have is pain
This is the mode that we live in
When will it stop?
We watch new victims from cops
We’re frightened because we’re fighting competition
They messed up
Now there’s no new shipment of crops
Is Love the mission or not?
If life is a story then isn’t wisdom the plot?
Can Christ get the glory if our vision is blocked?
Listen I’ve been inconsistent a lot
Now they deployed missiles at flying objects
Are they being slick?
And tricking our optics
So many new sickening topics
Shouldn’t we listen to prophets?
Our interest in progress
Has us forced into habits
Our thoughts become savage
Of course it is tragic
Through media we let the crook in our home
Every time I look at my phone
My stomach starts twisting in knots.

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