1 century Christian Kingdom in Ethiopia

ethiopian church

Ethiopian Christian Church.

In honor of Black History Month I present to you the oldest Christian Kingdom.

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Many traditions claim that Christian teachings were introduced to the region immediately after Pentecost. John Chrysostom speaks of the “Ethiopians present in Jerusalem” as being able to understand the preaching of Saint Peter in Acts, 2:38.[7] Possible missions of some of the Apostles in the lands now called Ethiopia is also reported as early as the 4th century. Socrates of Constantinople includes Ethiopia in his list as one of the regions preached by Matthew the Apostle,[8] where a specific mention of “Ethiopia south of the Caspian Sea” can be confirmed in some traditions such as the Roman Catholic Church[9] among others. Ethiopian Church tradition tells that Bartholomew accompanied Matthew in a mission which lasted for at least 3 months.[10] Paintings depicting these missions are available in the Church of St. Matthew found in the Province of Pisa, in northern Italy portrayed by Francesco Trevisan (1650-1740) and Marco Benefial (1688-1764).[11]

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