dear Christ

in life what really matters

I seen my dreams shatter

and my hopes unravel

on this steep slope of gravel                                            

with no rope to grab to

to cope I,m a have to hear some laughter                     Image

or I,m a breakdown

at another wake now

I look to the sky

wait for Your reply

but You don’t make a sound


I’m behind on my bills

trying to fulfil

my role as a man

and head of my household

I hate when my spouse goes to social service       


I feel so worthless

like I,m not even close to my purpose

I pray the Holy Ghost

floats through these verse

chokes the curses

and breaks the chains



you just have to take the pain


disaster comes to make us change


God drags our faith through flames


victory is supposed to be ours

it doesn’t belong to them cowards

but, sometimes


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