a work in progress

In my attempts to inspire you to greatness please don’t misconceive my current position in life as superior to yours. In fact my shortcomings go on for miles its only my passion for living my purpose that I answered my calling.


In all honestly I sometimes don’t pick up when I hear my calling ringing.


I am a work in progress  who understands that I am destined to “inspire” with my lifestyle…with my relationships…with my marriage…as a parent…as a man…a father, and sometimes with my poetry.

I am no better than you I am only inspired to be more like my Savior. i strive to always stand on the mistakes I made yesterday, to see from a higher point of view today, and see more clearly the path I am called to travel tomorrow.


I want you to travel the narrow but rewarding path of your calling as well. We all are a work in progress, the breath in your lungs should be the inspiration to live in your purpose and work at your gift until you look back at yesterday and realize how much you progressed.

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