mercy tree [part 2]

mercy tree



Eric Haylock

last apostle

…His diaphragm expands as far as the galaxies can extend

He exhales His spirit into

man – kind

I wonder if Adam was the kind of man

that would remind Him of His Son

He showed him HIS design

and told him it was his fate

to have dominance in the earth

the same way HE dominates the Divine

He showed him the garden

that was his to partake

except for the tree in the mist

HE said,” Adam that portion is mine…is that understood?”


“thats the tree of knowledge of good and evil 

the knowledge of evil will do man no good”

HE saw that he wasn’t pleased, because he was alone so HE pulled Eve from his bone

together their good deeds

were like seeds that would proceed into the tree of life



somehow the angel of light

deceived Eve, but Adam Eve did not deceive you

you knowingly strayed, disobeyed to gain knowledge of evil

therefore cursing all people Adam what have you done?

now for the first time since time begun

when I look at you I no longer see MY SON…


conclusion coming soon

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