Love Bleeds Freedom

I pledge allegiance to love as an institution

Faith is the foundation

HIS WORD is the constitution

hope is the implication of every word spoke

I hope it breaks you free from your limitation

to break free is liberation from that dark bondage

Truth is the key to unlock the cycle to

and reunite you with the promise

I pray HIS spirit merge with each lyric and every word

for the truest inspiration

I present this poem from the deepest parts of my heart, honest,and with all due respect I detect issues in you that developed into habits like heavy baggage that keeps you moving backwards replaying yesterdays most tragic situations

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my best poem

This might be my best poem


or better yet just the next poem

the one after the last one

I promise not to expound on how blacks blood

goes splaaaaat on the ground when they blast guns


not this time around

I’m going to elevate

over guns and curbs

before I utter a word I’m going to meditate

but don’t get it confused

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Welcome pt.1

crumbled paper

WELCOME part.1

Poem by Eric Haylock


Last apostle

Welcome to the jungle of apes and monkeys

Drunk’s snakes and junkies

Walk straight or Jake will seal your fate

Behind the prison gate where those punks be

Aint no brakes for the hungry

In this Spiritual starvation

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