don’t shoot [divisive poem]

…the universal gesture for surrender is to put both hands in the air
it also means :

dont shoot

don’t shoot
there I go again being divisive
expounding on the negative images that already plays on your devices
it seems the nation is in a constant state of a crisis
I guess we shouldn’t have commercialized Christianity
because now everyone is a Christian, but no one knows who Christ is…

Divisive ~ poem pt.2




…Christ said,”don’t think that I came to bring peace,but a sword”

and swords divide

the ruling aires fear the freedom that the truth provides

swords are for war and wars are so – divisive –

I’m a discipline student

a disciple and this is my class 

for you to listen would be prudent

according to the bible

there’s only one path

that is righteous

so…you say it doesn’t matter how our Saviour is portrayed

that very statement is an insult to my intelligence

how one identifies to the Most High is of no relevance

being in mental boundage because your a slave

being in ignorance is OK

just as long as you get saved!

but does not getting saved means coming into the knowledge of 

Jesus Christ

AHAYAH is the potter

fathers your sons and daughters are the clay

you shape and mold them with the words you say

and the images that society displays

its not divisive to remove the mental vices

off my people so they can see that they were made in His likeness

and connected to greatness…

last apostle

divisive ~ poem


new poem pt.1

They say if i’m not diverse than i’m divisive, but isn’t our differences that divide us?

they say magnificence is : when its adverse

you show resistance until you rise

stay persistent until you arrive

at the place culture had designated to be success

unless we have fundamental differences on how success should be defined

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Divisive – new poem

…a people without a identity will become impoverished / poverty will become their identity

truth is the key that unlocks knowledge / releases freedom to see into what success is

there’s an invisible entity that is oppressive

it controls the airwaves projects garbage / suppresses inspiration, but lets the despair play

I want to present a diverse expression of who GOD is

like an motivational concert on how 

establishing the KINGdom is the most significant thing you will ever accomplish…

last apostle

Eric Haylock



still not finish, but had to get that out

last apostle