Welcome pt.2 [poem]


inner city revival

this is more than mere music

this is a movement speaking

teaching that improvement is vital

the blueprint is the bible

you’ve been lied too

when they told you to have hope isĀ absurd

to cope is impossible

you should observe the

last apostle

who spits the spoken word

on the curbs where they be smoking herb

and bums drink rum to numb their inner wrath

where psychopaths make guns blast

because its hostile

see all I have is this


that I give to them that live where the slums breed

I’ve been given the authority

to go to the majority to spread the light that only some see

eternal life is in your relationship with Christ

in this dispensation of grace

hate is the device that separates

so I meditate until praise penetrates the heaven gates

Im from the slum paradise

where the young stare at ice

do drugs and shove slugs through guns until their weapons break

sniff coke and choke off pepper spray…


click above picture to listen

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