divisive ~ poem


new poem pt.1

They say if i’m not diverse than i’m divisive, but isn’t our differences that divide us?

they say magnificence is : when its adverse

you show resistance until you rise

stay persistent until you arrive

at the place culture had designated to be success

unless we have fundamental differences on how success should be defined

last apostle

than our focal points are not aligned

unless you focus on how to grow the closest to the Most High

misconception is when you’re not conscience to my perspective

so the objective isn’t perceived

the media propagates nonsense

so its the deception that we receive

like how Blacks were indoctrinated with a distorted doctrine

developing a deteriorated self- worth

when deities where displayed

they viewed their skin as sin

saw their self – as cursed

felt an obvious disconnection from the paintings that portrayed the ONE

who Redeems

if this seems divisive that’s only because now a days 

divisive only means: I don’t like what you believe…

[only the first part]


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