The Revolution that killed Hip Hop

crumbled paper

A Bio ~ Poetry ~ ebook

comming soon to

“I am not sure if it was the alternative taste in music I learned from my pops or the “The Last Poets” albums my Godmother Karen played in her home, but I would begin to imagine myself as an agent of change. I would play with pens the way most boys my age played the Nintendo – these pens where like portals into other worlds that I created with vivid imagination and creativity to replace the reality of my life. My life wasn’t a terrible life it was just that I was restless with the status quo and the culture that surrounded me. It seems it was my soul that would scream change, and in my dreams I didn’t visualize myself on the sidelines of this revolution … in this revolution that I envisioned in my head I was at the forefront.”

“I fell in love with words…the words articulated from preachers, and the words from rappers…the words of actors, I just loved words”


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