Wisdom from new eBook

Gutta life

We’ve been sent to the fiends in the slums

You know

The ones you all can’t stand

Screaming repent the kingdom is at hand!

I know it hurts with so much sorrow in the ghetto

Because we strayed

The revolution that killed Hip Hop

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But don’t follow the path that the devil paved Continue reading


“Distortion” poem from ~ The Revolution that Killed Hip Hop

blood of Jesus


You can keep your material objects

Financial gain doesn’t always mean progress

Especially if you profit off the cane

If everybody is trying to be the next LeBron James

Then who is going to be the doctors

I guess shooting the ball

Is better than shooting in malls

If you have talents use it

But if you are going to do music

That targets blacks

Don’t do gangster rap

crumbled paper

for kicks

I rejoice in tearing down the strongholds that the enemy set up. I get kick’s out of exposing the enemy’s plots and schemes.


The father of lies is empowered through the falsehoods he created, and the limitations he placed on your faith. The enemy of your purpose stands on lies as his foundation, so when I expose and then remove those strongholds or curses in your life with truth the enemy has no place in you. Continue reading

Hip Hop is Dead (and I killed it)

crumbled paper

I only convey the phrases he tells me to portray to you

The word is the bread

 Deeply imbedded into my thoughts

So I only speak when I am lead to talk

They rap about how they trap floss what they bought and beg for your support, but once you get caught they don’t back you in court

And you ride that track

Get you some dollars

Claim that the king of rap is Christopher Wallace

But he refers to himself as Lucifer

So he quite literally has the wickedest flows

last apostle

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Poverty is a mindset that stunts maturity and growth; poverty is a mentality that makes manhood unlikely. This poverty is a stronghold implanted by the prince of this world into the communities that threaten his ruler ship. Welfare is a system that takes the place of the man and therefore becomes the authority that assigns identity.” ~ excerpt from “The Revolution that Killed Hip Hop”

crumbled paper 

Men are meant to proclaim identity and purpose in their homes.