hip hop is dead and I killed it…

crumbled paper

…hip hop is dead and I killed it

I stabbed it in the side to let out all the lies

that its filled with

paint protest signs with prophetic lines

which god do you pray to

reveal it

Ill gladly profess mine…



The Revolution that killed Hip Hop

crumbled paper

A Bio ~ Poetry ~ ebook

comming soon to smashwords.com

“I am not sure if it was the alternative taste in music I learned from my pops or the “The Last Poets” albums my Godmother Karen played in her home, but I would begin to imagine myself as an agent of change. I would play with pens the way most boys my age played the Nintendo – these pens where like portals into other worlds that I created with vivid imagination and creativity to replace the reality of my life. My life wasn’t a terrible life it was just that I was restless with the status quo and the culture that surrounded me. It seems it was my soul that would scream change, and in my dreams I didn’t visualize myself on the sidelines of this revolution … in this revolution that I envisioned in my head I was at the forefront.”

“I fell in love with words…the words articulated from preachers, and the words from rappers…the words of actors, I just loved words”


a poet

“I am a poet I am pure inspiration…I have found my gift and I work diligently to mold and shape it into a pleasurable sound edifying the Most High and calling out to the lost sheep of Israel first, then proclaiming Yeshua’s truth to the whole world.” ~ an excerpt from the upcoming ebook:

The Revolution that killed Hip Hop


Eric “last apostle” Haylock