Wisdom from new eBook

Gutta life

We’ve been sent to the fiends in the slums

You know

The ones you all can’t stand

Screaming repent the kingdom is at hand!

I know it hurts with so much sorrow in the ghetto

Because we strayed

The revolution that killed Hip Hop

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But don’t follow the path that the devil paved

If through rebirth you can be saved

So when your body decays from the dirt

In the grave

Your spirit will rise

I’m wise

Like old age

Read the signs

These the last days

Crimes and Bad ways


Wisdom in part is predicting the future. Wisdom can make the differentiation between seasons. Wisdom knows when to plant seeds and when to harvest what was planted. Wisdom can see danger from a distance and guide you into a preferred outcome.

This poem is like having a conversation with anyone who may be operating from a hip hop mindset or with a poverty mentality. The boundaries we erect to keep knowledge out that can enlighten us are there to keep us in a cycle of lack and ignorance. ~ excerpt from eBook “The Revolution that Killed Hip Hop”


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