Welcome pt.1

crumbled paper

WELCOME part.1

Poem by Eric Haylock


Last apostle

Welcome to the jungle of apes and monkeys

Drunk’s snakes and junkies

Walk straight or Jake will seal your fate

Behind the prison gate where those punks be

Aint no brakes for the hungry

In this Spiritual starvation


For ya’ll embracing the ghetto lie

He tricked you into fixing his plate

Eating the devils pie

You should listen to the lyric’s that those cars are basing

I don’t mean to interfere with you getting crunk

Trying to get drunk to feel free

 I would like to enlighten you

Of lust hate and sin

Crush Satan’s energy through

Gutta life ministry

Blood and gut records

From the perspective

Of the ONE who hung slump from the tree

BUT rose so I suppose I spoke boastfully

My throat throws heat like toast

When I speak I flow in the ghost

Deliver shivers to all those who stand close to me

Compose poems with jewels in them

That you have to pump to see

New Jerusalem Renaissance

Inner city revival…

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