Truth upsets the apple cart


There several theories on the effects of the phscyology dealing with identity. What I have discovered is that when a certain group begins to identitfy with a state of being that is totally contrary to their current social identity then other groups must then adjust their social identity which will cause them to reject or accept that groups choice of identity. In a sense you are upsetting the apple cart.

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The answer to racism is NOT diversity

What we know about race in an American sense is not how race is known biblically.


It stands to reason that in order to properly address and combat the satanic principality of racism we must first understand what “race” is. Race as we understand it in post colonised countries is from an Anglo Saxon and Darwin based paradigm.


The Origin of Species -OR- the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life.

Race as was taught and accepted in the academic world was from the perspective of evolution thus the darker races were less evolved than the lighter races. The most respected and accredited scientists wrote and taught that the Negro was less intelligent and closer related to the beast of the field than to the human and therefore inferior to the caucasian man. This is the premise in which the imperialist powers approached RACE no doubt to justify the barbaric treatment of non Caucasian people groups for the benefit of colonialism and slavery.


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Majestic People ~ poem

By my calculations

A Queen with keen contemplation

A Kings concentration

can bring the people liberation

or conquer nations

I use my intellect to reconnect us to our royalty

our destiny seemed to be defeated

in the Black market

where our dreams were illegal

but how can you oppress the constellations

or suppress the Praise of the congregation

I guess if you infect the mindset of the people

I intercept messages from His throne

hone my gift 

so every poem I spit is regal…

last apostle


we are afraid of who we were

When learning and than operating in what is learned becomes something that is feared than you realize the power of history. The power of who you -were- is so potent that self preservation will convince you that “it doesn’t matter”, because you know the great length that those in power went through to -control- YOUR history. You fear the dangerous POWER of operating in the truth of -your- HISTORY.




If you take a peoples: 1.Language 2. Culture 3. Values 4. Interest 5. Principals and replace them with “your” language, culture, values, interests, and principals these people will always come to a conclusion that best suits their oppressor. Now that we as “Black” (a label given to us by a people who imposed their paradigm on us) people are motivated to operate in our INDIGENOUS language, culture, values, interest, and principals as Israelites there is PUSH back from those still operating with a paradigm imposed on them or the dominant society is threatened by the powerful implications of a people taking back their history.





When I think of fatherhood I think of Manhood.
The unselfish characteristics and steadfast faith of the men who defined what being a father is. These men also reflected the strong image of Masculinity and a consistent integrity that guides and instills courage.


The greatest examples of this Manhood and strength were also assassinated or deported by their country.


As I think of Fatherhood I am also compelled to think of the forces at work against strong and powerful Manhood.


I am a Man
I am a Father
King, X, Garvey

Are you doing your best?

It occurred to me that one cannot do their absolute best if they are not totally engulfed in that area of discipline. You cannot truthfully do your very best if you are not obsessed with that thing.

truth statement

If we look at what the Messiah required of his disciples it was that they “leave everything” and follow Him He in essence required that they “die to themselves” to become Discipline Students in order to establish and enter the Kingdom of the Most High. Yeshua wanted absolute obsession with the Kingdom and He settled for nothing less.

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